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Advanced CBT

Skill-Based Anxiety Treatment Program

Adaptive Anxiety Therapy (AAT)  uses an advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy anxiety treatment plan that helps clients skillfully respond to anxiety rather than chase endless cycles of anxiety symptom relief.

Work 1-on-1 with West Michigan anxiety specialist Dr. Shawn Nabors in person or via telehealth as you progress through this evidence-based anxiety treatment program.


How This Evidence-Based
Anxiety Treatment Program Works 

How The Program Works

Adaptive Anxiety Therapy is specialized mental health therapy for anxiety. However, it is not traditional talk therapy. Rather, it is a structured and targeted mental health treatment program designed to teach advanced cognitive behavioral therapy skills for anxiety disorders/issues. Clients in this program work closely with anxiety specialist Dr. Shawn Nabors as they progress through the four stages of the program.

Sessions Every Other Week

Clients spend time in session twice a month working with Dr. Nabors to target thinking and behavioral responses when anxious that make it difficult for clients to adapt to their anxiety. Using behavioral psychology & cognitive therapy techniques, clients learn a structured protocol for responding to anxious moments which helps clients to become better adapted to anxiety symptoms and experience less anxiety distress when anxious.  

E-Learning Component

In-between sessions clients are given homework in that allows them to practice techniques in their day-to-day activities.  In addition, engage with their adaptive anxiety therapy e-learning classroom to learn important anxiety concepts and practice a systematic and structured technique for responding to anxiety distress.  Clients are also

Coaching Component

In between sessions, clients receive coaching from Dr. Nabors via SMS messaging.  Clients are able to ask anxiety-related questions and receive brief anxiety coaching for difficult situations, or for general curiosities about anxiety concepts or techniques.

Getting Started 
With Treatment 

Schedule New Client Appt

Call or schedule online a new client appointment to begin the treatment program. No referral is needed to participate in this specialized treatment program for anxiety 

First Appointment

During your first appointment, you will meet in person or via telehealth with practice provider Dr. Shawn Nabors. Dr. Nabors will conduct a comprehensive anxiety assessment & intake session to better understand what type of anxiety disorder/s or anxiety issues you may be experiencing 

Treatment Plan

Before you start treatment. Dr. Nabors will review in detail how the adaptive anxiety treatment program will be tailored to your specific anxiety issue/s. Lenght of treatment will be determined by your specific anxiety issue/s

Begin Work With Specialist

After your specific anxiety issue/s are defined & treatment plan applied, you will then establish a bi-weekly standing appointment where you will work 1 on 1 with Dr. Nabors as you progress through the anxiety treatment program.

Skill-Based Anxiety Treatment Program