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Individual Telehealth Therapy

Advanced CBT Treatment 

Program For Chronic Anxiety 

Who This Treatment Program Is For:  Dr. Shawn Nabors specializes exclusively in the treatment of chronic/unresolved anxiety issues in adults & teens.

Dr. Nabors delivers an advanced CBT treatment program via telehealth for adults who for one or more years have experienced unmanaged anxiety issues. 

Clients work 1 on 1 with Dr. Nabors in a  6-12 session bi-weekly (every other week) advanced CBT anxiety treatment program designed to help clients increase their ability to skillfully and confidently respond to chronic anxiety and reduce dependency on chasing anxiety symptom relief.    

  • Chronic Anxiety:  Intermittent/recurring anxiety experiences typically lasting for one or more years that cause distress or impairment in functioning. ​

Worried young woman sit on sofa look aside lean forward with folded hands feel fear anxiet

About Chronic Anxiety Therapy Program: Adaptive Anxiety Therapy (AAT)  is an advanced/structured Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment program for chronic anxiety and or treatment-resistant anxiety.


This program is designed to help clients become better adapted to the experience of anxiety through skill development. This is accomplished by teaching clients advanced cognitive and behavioral techniques that empower them to skillfully handle chronic anxiety symptoms.

Therapist: Dr. Shawn Nabors is a licensed therapist and a highly skilled chronic anxiety specialist. Since 2015, he has been committed to the treatment of anxiety disorders and anxiety-related disorders. 

Dr. Nabors is skilled in delivering advanced CBT interventions for chronic anxiety issues. He is often sought out to treat chronic anxiety cases that have not been successfully addressed in other treatment environments. 

Dr. Nabors
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