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Panic Disorder
Panic attack in public place. Woman havi

Panic Attacks 

Also called Panic Disorder


  • An abrupt surge of high anxiety

  • Significant fear of having high anxiety

  • Significant fear of losing control during high anxiety

  • Avoidance of places where panic may happen

  • Fears of any of the following during a panic attack, passing out, dying, embarrassment, going crazy, derealization, medical emergency, causing an accident, & vomiting.

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Also called Social Phobia or Social Anxiety Disorder


  • Consistent fear or anxiety during social situations

  • Fear of becoming highly anxious while socializing

  • Moderate to high fear of embarrassment

  • Moderate to high fear of humiliation 

  • High fear of social performance situations

  • Avoidance of certain social activities

People talking in circle during AA group
Avoidant Personality

Chronic Shyness & Introversion 

Sometimes called Avoidant Personality Disorder


  • High avoidance of most social activities

  • Feeling weird or less than others

  • Feelings of being socially awkward

  • High anxiety during most social situations

  • Fear of judgment and rejection

  • Moderately to highly sensitive

  • Intrusive self-defeating thoughts

  • Isolating hebaviors

  • Trouble developing new close relationships



Also called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


  • (Obsessions) Recurrent intrusive anxiety-provoking thoughts

  • (Compulsions) Repetitive behaviors that cause distress

  • Person feels driven to do compulsions

  • High anxiety when compulsions cannot be done.

  • Attempts to ignore intrusive thoughts

  • Intrusive thoughts influence compulsive behaviors

  • The following are sub-types of OCD; contamination, symmetry, superstition, religion, Obsessions only.

Obsessive compulsive woman aligning up p
General Anxiety
Black guy stressting and headache.jpg

Persistent or Extreme Worrying 

Sometimes called Generalized Anxiety Disorder


  • Chronic excessive worry 

  • Difficulties controlling worry behavior

  • Catastrophizing uncertain situations  

  • Worry causes high distress

  • Difficulties tolerating uncertainty

  • Chronic worry may cause the following; loss of sleep, loss of appetite, restlessness, fatigue, mental fatigue, difficulty paying attention.

Specific Phobia

Specific Fears

Sometimes called Specific Phobias


  • High or extreme fear only in certain situations 

  • Certain situations are almost always avoided

  • Panic can be experienced if forced to face certain situations

  • Common specific phobias: flying, heights, injections, blood, animals, public speaking, vomiting, travel, driving.

Adult patient's fear of needles and syri
Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety 

Also called Somatic Symptom Disorder & or Anxiety Illness Disorder


  • Chronic anxiety about unexplainable body sensations

  • Persistently high level of anxiety about health despite reassurance from doctors

  • Chronic reassurance-seeking when experiencing unexplainable body sensations  

  • Persistent and chronic fears of acquiring a disease



Also known as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 


  • Direct exposure to a traumatic event 

  • Indirect exposure to a traumatic event

  • Unwanted upsetting memories of traumatic events

  • High anxiety or panic attacks when triggered by things related to the traumatic event.

Shocked robber victim crying at night st
Athletic Performance Anxiety
Disappointed tennis player, sitting on t

 Athletic Performance Anxiety 

A sub-type of performance anxiety


  • Excessive fear of criticism from coaches and or teammates

  • High anticipation anxiety before game starts

  • Self-defeating thoughts that interfere with performance and concentration

  • Persistent and chronic fears of losing playing time or performance declining

Work Performance Anxiety

Work Performance Anxiety 

A sub-type of performance anxiety 


  • Fear of work-place criticism from co-workers of higher-ups

  • Chronic worry about workplace performance

  • High fear of underperforming on work projects 

  • Feeling less than or inferior to co-workers

  • Feelings of imposter syndrome

  • Fear of receiving performance reviews 

Serious business man team leader coach m
Fear of Flying
Caucasian young man is afraid to flight

Fear of Flying 

Also called Aviophobia 


  • Fear of flying due to the following reasons; plan crash, panic attack, feeling trapped,  motion sickness, vertigo, terrorism. 

  • Chronic avoidance of taking plane trips

  • Feelings of impending doom as plane trip nears

  • Fears of panicking on day of plane trip  

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