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Panic Disorder
Panic attack in public place. Woman havi

Panic Attacks 

Also called Panic Disorder


  • An abrupt surge of high anxiety

  • Significant fear of having high anxiety

  • Significant fear of losing control during high anxiety

  • Avoidance of places where panic may happen

  • Fears of any of the following during a panic attack, passing out, dying, embarrassment, going crazy, derealization, medical emergency, causing an accident, & vomiting.

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Also called Social Phobia or Social Anxiety Disorder


  • Consistent fear or anxiety during social situations

  • Fear of becoming highly anxious while socializing

  • Moderate to high fear of embarrassment

  • Moderate to high fear of humiliation 

  • High fear of social performance situations

  • Avoidance of certain social activities

People talking in circle during AA group
Avoidant Personality

Chronic Shyness & Introversion 

Sometimes called Avoidant Personality Disorder


  • High avoidance of most social activities

  • Feeling weird or less than others

  • Feelings of being socially awkward

  • High anxiety during most social situations

  • Fear of judgment and rejection

  • Moderately to highly sensitive

  • Intrusive self-defeating thoughts

  • Isolating hebaviors

  • Trouble developing new close relationships



Also called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


  • (Obsessions) Recurrent intrusive anxiety-provoking thoughts

  • (Compulsions) Repetitive behaviors that cause distress

  • Person feels driven to do compulsions

  • High anxiety when compulsions cannot be done.

  • Attempts to ignore intrusive thoughts

  • Intrusive thoughts influence compulsive behaviors

  • The following are sub-types of OCD; contamination, symmetry, superstition, religion, Obsessions only.

Obsessive compulsive woman aligning up p
General Anxiety
Black guy stressting and headache.jpg

Persistent or Extreme Worrying 

Sometimes called Generalized Anxiety Disorder


  • Chronic excessive worry 

  • Difficulties controlling worry behavior

  • Catastrophizing uncertain situations  

  • Worry causes high distress

  • Difficulties tolerating uncertainty

  • Chronic worry may cause the following; loss of sleep, loss of appetite, restlessness, fatigue, mental fatigue, difficulty paying attention.

Specific Phobia

Specific Fears

Sometimes called Specific Phobias


  • High or extreme fear only in certain situations 

  • Certain situations are almost always avoided

  • Panic can be experienced if forced to face certain situations

  • Common specific phobias: flying, heights, injections, blood, animals, public speaking, vomiting, travel, driving.

Adult patient's fear of needles and syri
Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety 

Also called Somatic Symptom Disorder & or Anxiety Illness Disorder


  • Chronic anxiety about unexplainable body sensations

  • Persistently high level of anxiety about health despite reassurance from doctors

  • Chronic reassurance-seeking when experiencing unexplainable body sensations  

  • Persistent and chronic fears of acquiring a disease



Also known as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 


  • Direct exposure to a traumatic event 

  • Indirect exposure to a traumatic event

  • Unwanted upsetting memories of traumatic events

  • High anxiety or panic attacks when triggered by things related to the traumatic event.

Shocked robber victim crying at night st

Fear of Being Away From Safe Places

Also called Agoraphobia


  • Excessive fear of being in open spaces

  • Fear of being in public spaces

  • Preoccupied with fears of not being able to escape when in public 

  • Chronic concern about being outside of home for too long


 General Anxiety Issues

Also known as Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified  


  • Pattern of distressing physical anxiety sensations

  • Pattern of distressing anxiety-provoking thoughts

  • Anxiety cannot be accounted for by an anxiety disorder or anxiety-related disorder.

Woman with arms out shrugs shoulders so what I don't know isolated on gray wall background
Scoo Refusal
Caring Caucasian mother talk comfort unhappy sad teenage daughter suffering from school bu

 Fear of Going to School  

Also called School Refusal


  • Strong urge to leave school early or avoid attending due to anxiety

  • Child is reluctant to attend school due to repeated avoidance

  • Fear of other students and or teachers when attending school

  • Persistent and chronic fears of others students learning about their anxiety

Athletic Performance Anxiety

 Athletic Performance Anxiety 

A sub-type of performance anxiety


  • Excessive fear of criticism from coaches and or teammates

  • High anticipation anxiety before game starts

  • Self-defeating thoughts that interfere with performance and concentration

  • Persistent and chronic fears of losing playing time or performance declining

Young pensive athletic woman sitting in locker room and has no will for exercising_edited.
Work Performance Anxiety
Nervous sweaty public speaker sweating wiping sweat afraid or speaking at presentation, st

Work Performance Anxiety 

A sub-type of performance anxiety 


  • Fear of work-place criticism from co-workers of higher-ups

  • Chronic worry about workplace performance

  • High fear of underperforming on work projects 

  • Feeling less than or inferior to co-workers

  • Feelings of imposter syndrome

  • Fear of receiving performance reviews 

Fear of Flying
Caucasian young man is afraid to flight

Fear of Flying 

Also called Aviophobia 


  • Fear of flying due to the following reasons; plan crash, panic attack, feeling trapped,  motion sickness, vertigo, terrorism. 

  • Chronic avoidance of taking plane trips

  • Feelings of impending doom as plane trip nears

  • Fears of panicking on day of plane trip  

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