Dr. Nabors does not participate with insurance/managed care. The Adaptive Anxiety Treatment Program is a combination of best practices for the treatment of anxiety. However, the treatment program is not compatible with health insurance coverage due to its integrated treatment features. Integrated mental health plans/programs offer more client support compared to standalone talk therapy sessions.


Anxiety treatment programs that combine evidence-based therapy/offsite exposure therapy, anxiety education & homework platforms, & between-session coaching are showing great promise for the treatment of anxiety disorders. The Anxiety Treatment Center of West Michigans Adaptive Anxiety Therapy program is the next wave of evidence-based integrated treatment programs for anxiety disorders that combines these three components. 


Therefore, Dr. Nabors has decided to commit to effective anxiety treatment rather than delivering less effective anxiety services for the purposes of insurance coverage.


How Do I Get Reimbursed From My Insurance Company?

You may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider for the psychotherapy component of our treatment program. You can find a claim form on your insurance company's website and submit the form along with your statement and treatment codes as frequently as you wish. You will be reimbursed directly by your insurance company per the terms of your insurance policy. We will send a statement to your patient portal as often as twice a month if you attend sessions weekly.

​We are not responsible for any successful or unsuccessful reimbursements as this is considered a matter between you and your insurance company. If you have any questions about billing, please discuss your concerns directly with our business manager. Please discuss any questions about reimbursement with your insurance company.


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AnxietyTreatment Program Rate

Every Other Week (Bi-Weekly) Treatment Program: $125 Per Session:  Clients meet every other week with Dr. Nabors as they progress through a structured anxiety treatment program.  In session, clients learn powerful therapy protocols for responding to anxiety.  Between sessions, clients are supported with an e-learning classroom and between-session coaching with Dr. Nabors via SMS messaging.


Depending on the type of anxiety and severity of a person's anxiety issue, the anxiety treatment program can take as little as 6 Sessions or as long as 12 sessions to complete.  Dr. Nabors will discuss your treatment timeline after your initial anxiety intake appointment.


Flat rate of $125 per bi-weekly session.  The following is included within the flat rate

  • 1 psychotherapy session

  • Access to the e-learning website

  • Unlimited access to anxiety coaching via texting between sessions


First Appointment for Treatment Program (free)

Initial Intake & Assessment Appointment: $0:  Clients meet with an anxiety specialist to conduct formal and informal assessments to determine the type and severity of a client's anxiety issue.  Clients will be informed about the nature of the treatment program and the specific goals to be accomplished during treatment.