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What Is  

A True Anxiety Specialist? 

  • A true Anxiety Specialist is a licensed mental health professional (counselor, psychologist, clinical social worker) or licensed medical professional (psychiatrist) who exclusively focuses on the treatment of anxiety disorders.

  • They have advanced training in treating anxiety disorders far beyond a general therapist or general physician.

  • Anxiety Specialists use evidence-based therapies when treating anxiety

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What Is  

An Anxiety Treatment Center (ATC)? 

  • A private or public mental health practice dedicated exclusively to treating people with anxiety disorders or anxiety issues

  • Run by a mental health therapist/s who have advanced training in treating anxiety disorders

  • These practices usually designate themselves by using the terms anxiety and treatment in their name.

Why Have  

I Never Heard of An ATC Before? 

  • The field of mental health (1950's) is relatively new when compared to the medical field (1600's).

  • Unfortunately the field of mental health is not as specialized as the medical field.

  • Since the 1990s ATCs and anxiety specialists have become a new emerging specialty within the field of mental health.

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Are There  

ATC's In Every State?

How Do  

ATC's Treat Anxiety? 

  • ATC's use a mix of evidence-based psychotherapies.

  • Types of evidence-based therapies:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Exposure & Response Prevention Therapy (ERP)

  • They focus on helping clients reduce anxiety or adapt to anxiety

  • Provide structured cognitive skills to better manage anxiety

  • Modify unhelpful behavior that reinforces anxiety and unnecessary anxiety experiences

  • Help clients become their own anxiety therapist after treatment is over.

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Why Don't  

ATC's Accept Insurance 

90% of ATC's nationwide do not partner with managed care.


  • ATC's are the experts in the field of anxiety treatment & not insurance providers. Providers often dictate the length of treatment & how treatment should be done.

  • Insurance providers often fail to cover some of the most effective techniques performed by ATC's such as between session anxiety coaching, and on-site or prolonged exposure therapy.

  • ATC's are dedicated to providing the best techniques available for anxiety rather than providing subpar treatment that fits within insurance guidelines.

  • Finally, most insurance providers do not reimburse anxiety specialists at a rate that respects the years of training they have undergone to become anxiety specialists.

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