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Let's Deal with Anxiety Blog: 12-Week Anxiety Skills Course


As an anxiety specialist, I have seen a disturbing trend related to how anxiety is addressed. All too often, symptom management is the primary goal of addressing anxiety issues. The problem with this approach is that people can develop a chronic dependency on needing their anxiety symptoms lowered.

Adaptive approaches to anxiety are methods that empower people to develop a strong resiliency towards anxiety. When a person has a strong & healthy level of tolerance for anxiety, they are much less bothered by anxiety when it is felt.

Since 2015, I have served West Michigan with an evidence-based anxiety treatment program that helps clients become better adapted to anxiety rather than chase an endless cycle of anxiety symptom relief. This treatment program is called Adaptive Anxiety Therapy.

12-Week Anxiety Skills Course

I am excited to announce that Adaptive Anxiety Therapy is now available in the form of a 12-week anxiety skills course called Adaptive Anxiety Training. Students in this skills course learn the same adaptive anxiety skills taught in the Adaptive Anxiety Therapy program. Over the course of 12-weeks, students of this course learn quickly deployable cognitive and behavioral skills for anxiety issues such as panic attacks, social anxiety, chronic worry, general anxiety issues, performance anxiety, and health anxiety.

Adaptive Anxiety Training is exclusively marketed to the State of Michigan and is the first comprehensive anxiety skills course of its kind. If you would like to learn more about this skills course, please feel free to schedule a free skills course consultation below. You may also jump right in and start learning today!

12-Week Anxiety Skills Course Homepage

Free Skills Course Consultation

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