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Learn From A Specialist Online 

8 Week Anxiety Skills Course

Our renowned anxiety treatment program is available as an online anxiety skills course for general anxiety issues.

Enroll & Learn 

Enroll by signing up for an affordable monthly plan. While enrolled you will have complete access to the online anxiety skills course. Pay monthly until course is completed or until you cancel

Advanced Instruction 

Receive instruction from a trusted local source as you learn advanced CBT anxiety skills from a true specialist in the field of anxiety treatment. 


Can be completed in as little as 8 weeks or can take as long as 3 months depending on how frequently you participate. Go at a pace that works for you! 

100% Online

Complete the entire program online from the comfort of home using a computer or smart device. 

Who Is It For

Many online self-help recourses for anxiety are not created by specialized therapists. This program is for those looking for a reputable self-help online resource to help with chronic anxiety issues. 

How Does It Help

This program helps by teaching you a reliable set of advanced CBT anxiety skills that empower you to confidently respond to anxiety rather than chase an endless cycle of anxiety symptom relief

Is It Therapy

No, this online program is not mental health therapy. This program is a self-help e-learning program designed to teach advanced evidence-based anxiety skills.

Why Was It Created

The anxiety skills taught in our treatment program unfortunately are not available to everyone. This online program allows individuals to learn these skills without committing to our anxiety treatment program.

What You Can Expect From 
This Anxiety Skills Course  


An Inside Look At 
This Comprehensive Anxiety Skills Course