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Sunday - Temperance 

 A conscious form of restraint based on self-knowing to achieve inner order of the Soul. Restraining the emotions/desires/passions/energies does not mean cutting it off (that will harm you, beware), but channeling them to work for higher causes after taming them gently. with this process, you will be cleansing yourself and will be ready to be enlightened by the Universal Mind. Be like that which you want to connect with as much as possible.

The body forces you to experience empathy, hate, remorse, and all other emotions, together with desires and passions, to confuse you, make you forget yourself, become a dumbed-down version of yourself. They have their foundation in this material/physical world. The more you let them be your masters, the stronger you will chain yourself to this world, which is contrary to your duty, yet do not loathe them, respect. I channel them to a place where they can be used for something substantial. 

It is connected to the operations of your physical body which rebels every-time you reach higher to that realm. The physical body has the task to let you experience this reality and whenever you search for the other, it resists. It is its duty so respecting it and gently taming it is the best approach. Also, beings will accompany your thoughts and try to divert them, again it is their duty, show respect and that will be recognized by them. Never see them as malicious or evil, they only react to your actions. There is not a force which does not want you to be what you really are, the opposite is true, but they also have their tasks that they must fulfill. This is about a material part of you. 

Tame yourself & you will respect yourself. Respect yourself and you will begin to know yourself!


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Saturday - Loosely Organized Opinions 

The habit develops a grasshopper mind-one that jumps from one thing to another but never completes anything. And of course, carelessness in the expression of opinions leads to the habit of drifting. From there it is only a step or two until one is bound by the law of hypnotic rhythm which automatically prohibits accurate thinking.

Always know where you stand on any given subject. Otherwise, your life will never be your own.


Image by Jesús Rocha
Process & Habbits
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