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Work 1 on 1 with Shawn Nabors as you progress through an advanced CBT anxiety treatment program 

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When Dealing With Chronic Anxiety 

You Need A Skilled Therapist 

ATC of West Michigan is a single-provider practice run by Shawn Nabors. Shawn is a licensed mental health therapist and a skilled West Michigan anxiety specialist. Since 2015, Shawn has exclusively specialized in the treatment of moderate to severe anxiety disorders/issues. Shawn delivers evidence-based anxiety therapy through an advanced CBT approach called Adaptive Anxiety Therapy (AAT).  

Adaptive Anxiety Therapy is an advanced CBT approach for anxiety that empowers clients to skillfully adapt to their anxiety rather than chase endless cycles of anxiety symptom relief. As clients become better adapted to their anxiety, they can experience much less distress about being anxious and an overall increase in quality of life.


Shawn Nabors, MA
Anxiety Specialist 
Doctoral Candidate


Anxiety Treatment That Empowers

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Get started as a client in our advanced CBT Anxiety Treatment Program for moderate to severe anxiety disorders/issues.  Or learn as a student in Michigan's 1st comprehensive Online Anxiety Skills Course for general anxiety issues.   

Anxiety Treatment Program 

Work 1 on 1 with an anxiety specialist in person or via telehealth as you progress through The Adaptive Anxiety Treatment Program. This mental health anxiety program is designed to address moderate to severe anxiety disorders/issues.

Our renowned anxiety treatment program is available as an online anxiety skills course for general anxiety issues. From the comforts of home, learn directly from an anxiety specialist the same empowering anxiety skills taught to clients in our anxiety treatment program.  

Free Gift To You!

Why Do I Have An Anxiety Problem? is a compelling educational video from our Online Anxiety Program. This instructional video, presented by a West Michigan anxiety specialist, is intended to drastically change your perception of anxiety and why you may be struggling with it.

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Why Do I Have An Anxiety Problem?


The Anxiety Treatment Center is impressive when it comes to anxiety treatment.  They don't focus on trying to manage your anxiety symptoms, they actually help you to handle your anxiety so that it doesn't bother you as much when you do feel it.  I never knew that I could actually handle my anxiety, I just needed the right approach to teach me how.   

Person with health anxiety 

This Anxiety Training changed my life.  I never thought about adapting to my anxiety as a way to handle it better.  Shawn Nabors is a true anxiety specialist and he has helped me to think about anxiety so differently.  My anxiety was never the problem, the problem was that I was unwilling to feel anxious.

Person who dealt with panic attacks 

I don't mean to be dramatic but WOW Shawn is impressive!  I have seen so many therapists and doctors for my social anxiety and nothing helped me long-term until I finished this anxiety treatment program.  To be honest I didn't think this program was going to work either but I was very wrong.  You can tell that Shawn is such a skilled anxiety specialist.   Adaptive Anxiety Therapy is like nothing I have tried before.  It helped me to stop running from my anxiety and gave me the skills to handle anxiety anytime and anywhere.   

Person who suffered with social anxiety