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West Michigan

 Anxiety Treatment Specialist   

 Work 1 on 1 with West Michigan anxiety specialist  Dr. Shawn Nabors in an advanced CBT anxiety treatment program.

Located In Kalamazoo 
Serving Clients Throughout  Michigan

Since 2015!

Office of Anxiety Specialist

Dr. Shawn Nabors, Ph.D.

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Dr. Nabors is a licensed mental health therapist and a top West Michigan anxiety specialist. West Michigan has recognized Dr. Nabors as a skilled anxiety specialist who is committed to advancing the field of anxiety treatment and research. 

Dr. Shawn Nabors
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Advanced CBT
Skill-Based Anxiety Treatment Program 

Adaptive Anxiety Therapy is an evidence-based West Michigan anxiety treatment program! Clients in this treatment program work 1 on 1 with practice specialist Dr. Shawn Nabors and learn advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy anxiety skills that empower them to respond confidently to anxiety rather than chase endless cycles of anxiety symptom relief.

Work Closely With A Specialist
Learn Skillful Responses to Anxiety
Stop Chasing Symptom Relief

Anxiety Disorders/ Anxiety-Related Disorders