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The Anxiety Treatment Center of West Michigan

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Established in 2015 and located in Kalamazoo, The Anxiety Treatment Center of West Michigan (ATC) is a mental health practice that focuses solely on the treatment of anxiety using only counseling therapies that have been shown through numerous scientific studies to be highly effective for the treatment of anxiety issues.  These therapies are called evidence-based therapies and are considered best practice for the treatment of anxiety by The American Psychological Association. 


Clients at ATC work closely with an Anxiety Therapist/Specialist and progress through a targeted treatment plan that addresses the root cause of a persons anxiety issue.  An Anxiety Specialist is a mental health therapist who holds a Master’s or Doctorate in a mental health discipline.  Anxiety Specialists only treat clients with anxiety issues and have advanced clinical training in evidence-based therapies for the treatment of anxiety. 


What People Are Saying About ATC

For the past five years, we have proudly served West Michigan with effective anxiety therapy options.  We are proud that we are able to offer effective anxiety therapy services and are very grateful for the supportive comments we have received from our local community.

Before coming to the anxiety treatment Center of West Michigan I had really bad health anxiety. I lived in constant fear about having some sort of heart condition even though my doctors repeatedly told me I was fine and that it was just my anxiety about my health.  Today I no longer have to live with the daily fear of wondering if I'm having heart issues thanks to the anxiety treatment center. 

Person with health anxiety 

My experience at The Anxiety Treatment Center of West Michigan was very positive.  My son has severe anxiety that caused him to regularly miss school.  We had seen several counselors and tried a variety of medications for my son's anxiety but nothing helped.  ATC help me to learn how to respond to my son's anxiety and they also worked with my son to help him free himself from his anxiety disorder.  Thank you ATC!!!

Mother of anxious child

I work at a fast pace high-intensity job that started causing me to have anxiety attacks.  Every time I messed up at work I would panic.  Working with the anxiety treatment center help me to learn how to respond to my anxiety in a healthy way.  I no longer fear having anxiety attacks because I now know what causes them and how to respond to an anxiety attack if I were to have one.  Thank you so much!​

Person who suffered with panic attacks 

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