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Mental Health Coaching (Telehealth)

Work Performance Anxiety

Who This Mental Health Coaching Program For: Workplace performance anxiety is a significant contributor to loss of productivity and underperformance at work. Many working professionals suffer in silence as they attempt to deal with at times crippling performance anxiety at work. 

Nervous sweaty public speaker sweating wiping sweat afraid or speaking at presentation, st

This program is for working professionals whose performance is impaired by frequent experiences of distressing mental and physical anxiety.

How This Coaching Program Works: This coaching program is considered brief mental health therapy or solution-focused therapy. Adaptive Anxiety Therapy (AAT)  is an advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy anxiety treatment program used to help working professionals address performance anxiety issues. Clients in this program learn advanced cognitive and behavioral techniques that allow them to confidently and skillfully respond to destressing anxiety while performing at work.

Program Coach: Dr. Shawn Nabors Ph.D. is a licensed mental health therapist and a top West Michigan anxiety specialist who delivers advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs for anxiety disorders/issues. 

Dr. Shawn Nabors
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Cost: Dr. Shawn Nabors does not partner with managed care for his work performance anxiety coaching program. Clients meet bi-weekly (every other week) with Dr. Shawn Nabors at $150 per session.

Scheduling Appointment: If you are a working professional who struggles with performance anxiety, please feel free to schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Shawn Nabors.

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