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Online Program Application Page

To start the application process, fill out the program application below.  For further questions please schedule a free phone consultation

Online Program Application

Approximately 3-5 Minutes To Complete

This application is not intended to serve as a psychological evaluation. This application is also not intended for the purposes of assessing for a mental health disorder. You understand responses from this application will be used solely for the purposes of assessing a potential students fit with the learning objectives and learning goals of The Anxiety Treatment Center of West Michigan’s online anxiety program.
Are you a resident of the state of Michigan?
Alignment With Anxiety Progam Objectives Q & A

The Adaptive Anxiety Training Program has learning objectives and outcome goals built into the structure of the program.  This program teaches and trains students how to develop a strong resiliency towards anxiety discomforts so that anxiety bothers you less when it is felt. 


As students become more adapted to anxiety discomforts, they can begin to experience lower levels of mental and physical distress about being anxious and can experience a significant increase in quality of life. Below, you will be asked a series of questions to assess how well you align with the online anxiety programs objectives & goals  

Program Objective 1: Learn about anxiety adaptation and why it is more effective than trying to manage anxiety symptoms
Program Objective 2: Learn a structure protocol for responding to anxiety that helps you become better adapted to the feelings of anxiety & less dependent on needing to escape anxious feelings.
Program Objective 3: Examine critical theories about how our behaviors, thoughts, and culture contribute to anxiety issues.
Program Objective 4: Complete short weekly homework assignments that better help you understand the things that cause and maintain your anxiety issue.
Program Objective 5: Complete short weekly videos that break down anxiety concepts and teach techniques for properly responding to anxiety
Program Objective 6: Take short quizzes to assess learning and progress throughout the online program
Program Objective 7: Utilize the online programs coaching service (from a licensed mental health anxiety specialist) if needed to better understand anxiety concepts and techniques.
Program Objective 8: Practice structured anxiety techniques by setting up and engaging in low-risk situations that trigger anxiety
Program Objective 9: Commit to a 4-6 month online program that teaches highly effective concepts and skills to become better adapted to anxiety discomforts
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