Module 1: Anxiety Foundations

Anxiety Skills Course  Video Information

Why Do I Have An Anxiety Problem? is a compelling educational video from our Online Anxiety Skills Course. This instructional video, presented by a West Michigan anxiety specialist, is intended to drastically change your perception of anxiety and why you may be struggling with it.

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Anxiety Treatment Program  

Shawn Nabors is a mental health therapist and a leading anxiety specialist in the state of Michigan. Since 2015, Shawn has served West Michigan through our renowned anxiety treatment program called Adaptive Anxiety Therapy 

Anxiety Skills Course  

Adaptive Anxiety Training is an empowering 12 - week self-paced online skills course for general anxiety issues taught by a Michigan anxiety specialist.  Learn quickly deployable skills for panic attacks, social anxiety, chronic worry, specific fears, performance anxiety, and general anxiety issues. 

Educational: Module 1:  Why Do I Have An Anxiety Problem?

Why Do I Have An Anxiety Problem?

Why Do I Have An Anxiety Problem?

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