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Undergraduate Mental Health Internship 

Internship In Mental Health Intakes & Assessments 

Are you an undergraduate student looking to learn more about the field of psychology and counseling?  The Anxiety Treatment Center of West Michigan's undergraduate mental health internship program is designed to give undergraduate students real-world experience in a mental health setting.  This is a great opportunity for those who wish to continue their education in a graduate-level counseling or psychology program.  In addition, the undergraduate mental health internship provides relevant mental health experience for students who will be starting their mental health careers at the bachelor's level.

Internship Description  

Starting mental health therapy can be an anxiety-provoking process.  Many people often delay seeking treatment due to the uncertainty of talking to someone about their problems.  As a mental health intern, you will help to ease the uncertainty of starting therapy by gaining experience as a mental health intake intern.  As an intake intern, you will help new clients in the following areas.

  • Help new clients understand the process of mental health therapy

  • Collect relevant new client demographic information

  • Administer & score  brief wellness & mental health assessments under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional 

  • Assist with co-creating and implementing procedures & policies that better help new clients transition into mental health therapy 

Internship Objectives  

By the end of this unpaid internship, interns will have gained experience in onboarding procedures for new mental health clients.  In addition, students will acquire experience in the different types of brief mental health assessments used for new clients and the purpose of these tests. Finally, students will gain mental health care administrative experience by working with the practice owner to better the intake process for incoming mental health clients.  The internship is designed for undergraduate students seeking to start careers in mental health at the bachelors level or for students looking to further their education in a graduate-level mental health-related program

Mental health graduate programs  

  • Masters-level counseling program

  • Masters-level psychology program

  • Masters-level social work program

Bachelor-level careers in mental health  

  • ABA counselor

  • Intake Coordinator

  • Administrative Case Manager

  • Behavior Support Assistant

  • Behavioral Technician

  • Care Coordinator 

  • Case Manager

  • Psychology Technician

  • Psychometrist

  • Manager

  • Life Skills Trainer

  • Project Coordinator

  • Pharmacy Technician

  • Nutrition Counselor 

  • Operation Analyst

  • Patient Services Coordinator

  • Research Assistant

  • Healthcare Representative

  • Youth Counselor

Internship Details  

The Undergraduate Mental Health Internship is a 3-month long unpaid internship.  This internship is available year-round and open to applications when a vacancy is within 1 month, or the internship position is actively vacant.  This is a dynamic internship experience where interns create their own work schedule that does not accumulate more than 10 hours per week.  An intern's workday will be structured around task completion rather than a set amount of time spent in the office.  Interns will engage in brief tasks lasting no longer than 1 hour with a max of 2 hours spent on tasks.  Once an intern's task is complete the intern's day is complete.    

Minimum Requirements 

  • A Senior or Junior level standing is required

  • Must have taken one lower-level 1 or 1 upper-level psychology course.

  • Undergraduate psychology major or psychology minor preferred (will consider other programs of study if relevant) 

  • We will not accept MA level applicants for this internship - this is an undergrad internship only.

Application Procedures 

Applications and resumes are accepted online by applying for this internship posting and will only be processed during the time frame when The Anxiety Treatment Center of West Michigan is accepting online applications.  Click the apply button below to see if the new application window has opened. Please only apply if you are certain you can commit to a three-month internship.  

Please submit all information as soon as possible to help avoid delays or application rejection. Once your materials are reviewed, we will conduct a phone interview. Qualified and selected candidates will then be invited to a video conference interview or an in-person interview internship candidates will then be notified of their status the following week.

For additional information about the Undergraduate Mental Health Internship please contact Shawn Nabors at 

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