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Mental Health Consulting Program For Parents

Anxiety-Related School 

What is mental health consultation: Mental health consultation happens when a mental health therapist leverages their clinical specialty to help address mental health-related community problems. Mental health consultants often consult with individuals, companies, institutions, and government agencies individually or in combination to address mental health related community problems.  

Anxiety-related school refusal: Happens when a school-aged minor is no longer able to consistently attend school due to an underlying anxiety disorder/issue that is triggered by the learning environment. Schools often have limited resources to help parents of children experiencing anxiety-related school refusal. In addition, sending your child to therapy to address their anxiety-related school refusal issues does not address the multi-faceted issue of how to reintegrate your child back into the learning environment. 

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Dr. Shawn Nabors
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Dr. Shawn Nabors: Is a West Michigan anxiety specialist who uses his clinical specialty in anxiety disorders to work as a mental health consultant in the State of Michigan for anxiety-related school refusal. Since 2015 Dr. Nabors has worked with parents, K-12 schools, and colleges to help students rejoin learning environments. 

School Refusal Consultation Program: Dr. Shawn Nabors provides anxiety-related school refusal consultation to parents and schools through his evidence-based re-entry program called Safe Places & Safe Faces. This program is comprised of the following elements.

Stage 1: Background & Assessment: (1-2 hrs)
  • Family history interview 

  • History and overview of minor's school refusal history

  • Clinical ass