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Mental Health Coaching (Telehealth)

Athletic Performance Anxiety

Who This Mental Health Coaching Program For: Athletes frequently invest time, money, and resources in developing their physical abilities and technical skills for their sport. Most athletes, however, fail to invest in training their minds to deal with the intense anxiety that can accompany high-level athletic activities.  

This program is for athletes whose performance is impaired by frequent experiences of distressing mental and physical anxiety.

How This Coaching Program Works: This coaching program is considered brief mental health therapy or solution-focused therapy Adaptive Anxiety Therapy (AAT)  is an advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy anxiety treatment program used to help athletes address performance anxiety issues. Clients in this program learn advanced cognitive and behavioral techniques that allow them to confidently and skillfully respond to destressing anxiety while performing.

Program Coach: Dr. Shawn Nabors Ph.D. is a licensed mental health therapist and a top West Michigan anxiety specialist who delivers advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs for anxiety disorders/issues. Dr. Nabors has a unique background that allows him to be a highly effective athletic performance anxiety coach. In addition to his clinical specialty as an anxiety specialist, Dr. Nabors is a  former college basketball player (Adrian College) and high school basketball coach (Plainwell High School). 

Dr. Shawn Nabors
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Scheduling Appointment: If you are an athlete who struggles with performance anxiety, please feel free to schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Shawn Nabors.

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