West Michigan Anxiety Institute

Adaptive Anxiety Therapy (AAT)  uses an advanced CBT anxiety treatment plan that helps clients to respond confidently to anxiety rather than chase an endless cycle of anxiety symptom relief

Navigating Your Anxiety

Call or schedule online a new client appointment to begin therapy in this specialized mental health anxiety treatment program for moderate to severe anxiety disorders/issues 

Anxiety Skills Courses

During your first appointment, you will meet in person or via telehealth with practice provider Dr. Shawn Nabors. Dr. Nabors will conduct a comprehensive anxiety intake session pinpointing your specifie anxiety issue/s 

Anxiety Specialist Directory

Before you start treatment. Dr. Nabors will review in detail how the adaptive anxiety treatment program will be tailored to your specific anxiety issue/s. Lenght of treatment will be determined your specific anxiety issue/s

Navigating Your Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety & Finding Help 

What exactly is an anxiety disorder?

How do I know if I have an anxiety disorder?

What are my treatment options for anxiety?

What's the best treatment option for anxiety? 

What kind of mental health therapist should I pick to address my anxiety issue?

Will my anxiety issue get better on it's own without mental health treatment? 

What about holistic forms of treatment or natural remedies for anxiety?

Are online anxiety courses and or anxiety coaches helpful?

Navigating Anxiety During Treatment

Are online anxiety courses and or anxiety coaches helpful?


Start Here!

Module 0: Educational 

Introduction to Skills Course 

Time To Complete This Module: 15 Minutes

Learning Objectives 

  • Introduction to the skills course features 

  • Understand skills course goals

  • How to navigate this online skills course 

  • Introduction to the skills course creator & Instructor  

  • Introduction to skills course support features