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Anxiety Assessment

Anxiety Assessment: Full-scale or comprehensive anxiety assessments are designed to assess for a variety of anxiety disorders and anxiety-related disorders. Comprehensive anxiety assessments are typically done to help clarify the nature of a person's anxiety problem. Anxiety disorders can be complex and having an accurate diagnosis is critical. Below are typical reasons a person may want to have an accurate anxiety diagnosis from a comprehensive anxiety assessment..

Qualify for accommodations: IEP, 504, disability services. 

Workplace accomodations.

Qualify for emotional support animal. 

FMLA paid medial leave due to mental health.

Medication selection/adjustments baised on diagnosis. 

Dr. Shawn Nabors Ph.D. is a licensed mental health therapist and a top West Michigan anxiety specialist who delivers advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs for anxiety disorders/issues. Dr. Nabors has extensive experience conducting comprehensive anxiety assessments for clients who are in need of a detailed and formal anxiety diagnosis.

Student hand testing doing test exam with pencil drawing selected choices on answer sheet
Dr. Shawn Nabors
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Assessment Cost: Depending on the referral question, assessments typically take 3 total hours including clinical interview, test administration, test interpretation, & writing test report. Dr. Nabors bills $200 per hour. Payment plans are available upon request.

Scheduling Appointment: If you are interested in receiving a comprehensive anxiety assessment please use the button below to schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Shawn Nabors.

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